The PerfectOffice goes mobile occasionally, but not too much. I keep my detailed checklist in a <a href="">sidekick note</a>. It's good to check the weather (e.g. <a href="">EDI</a> for Sep2005 trip) when packing. Noise-cancelling headphones are a major quality-of-life booster on airplanes. Bose sets the standard, but they want $300 for them. On my way to Basel in October 2004, I had some extra time in EWR and I tried the <a href="">Sennheiser PXC250</a>; they're smaller and lighter and they go for less than half as much. Mary got me some for Christmas in 2004. They're great. They work well with my new (Aug 2005) ipod shuffle too, though the big dongle means they don't replace the earbuds for jogging, etc. In flight power... yum. <a href="">seatguru</a>. I use <a href="">kensington K33069 Universal AC/Car/Air Adapter for Apple</a> to power PbJam. (it lists for $119.99 but I got it on clearance at <a href="">Micro Center</a> for for 59.96). <em>I hear this <a href="">SmartDisk Airline Adapter for Apple PowerBook G4 Titanium</a> for just $19.95 powers the machine but doesn't actually charge the battery, or the other way around, or something like that.</em> The in-flight magazines occasionally have something interesting. On one of my trips, I made some notes on a <a href="">skymall</a> catalog: - LightWedge #BA453J $19.85 - iGo DualPower #PS0222-10J $24.99 (Need tip for cellphone) - UltraCord 13pc set #U10-7504J $19.99-10rebate Skymall 219719G tire guage/escape hammer Bluetooth gps pharos Fog-free mirror 12844G Ryobi stud sensor and sonic tape measure 344601G Bluetooth usb adapter (rate limiting?) I'm not content with flight tracking via the web, in general. I made my own<a href="">flight track doodad</a>; it's just a form that works on my WearableGizmo that looks up pages like <a href="">AA 1588 DFW to MCI</a> BibleVerse:Galatians+5:22-23 <hr /> After the trip: * photos * <a href="">sunrise by ndw</a> "I bet the sunsets are nice too, but I never get to see them. The chairs keep us chained in our meetings until after dark." * jacek's @@ * dajobe's * libby's @@earlier checklists... RedundanyInAllCriticalSystems ... DebianPackage:signing-party gpg-key2ps <a href="">March 2004 trip to NCE for W3C Tech Plenary</a> ESemWeb:InstantGig passport... copy in lockbox and <a href="">on disk</a>) hmm... VideoPresence for waving to the kids....india From connolly Mon Jan 17 16:26:50 +0000 2005 From: connolly Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 16:26:50 +0000 Subject: Helsinki trip: KLM/Northwest Message-ID: <> I'm not flying AA like I usually do. My flight track doodad came up empty on KL7536; KLM's web site asks me where I'm from and redirects me to <a href="">Northwest's web site</a>, which seems reasonably straightforward; flight status is REST-happy (e.g. <a href="">MSP to AMS leg</a> of my trip, on a <a href="">DC10</a>). Ugh... no seat power for the long leg of the trip... maybe I'm InTheMarket for another battery for PbJam. I got new noise cancelling headphones for Christmas. I was going to go to the library to get some DVDs, but I'm not sure I have time. I've got a little new music... oh yeah... I wonder if I can grab <a href="">Staccato 6</a> somehow. From connolly Wed Feb 16 17:39:05 +0000 2005 From: connolly Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 17:39:05 +0000 Subject: wikitravel Message-ID: <> Hmm... my next trip is to Boston (as was my last trip). I don't see anything remarkable in the <a href="">wikitravel article on Boston</a>, but since wikipedia rocks so amazingly, I think I'll keep it in mind.