I think the PerfectOffice includes a Mac; but I'm not sure... <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/nicole_hugo/68351516/"> <img src="http://static.flickr.com/18/68351516_41f223a5a4.jpg?v=0" alt="Dan, Tim, Danny, Eric and their macs" /></a> photo credit: hugo I bought my my first Mac, UTMac in 1986 (hmm... <a href="http://www.apple.com/hardware/ads/1984/1984_480.html">1984 commercial, updated</a>). I loved it. I have been using linux since I joined W3C in 1995. I like a lot of things about it, and the fonts are finally coming around, but there are still way too many exceptions to the "consistent cut/copy/paste (and paste link!) UI":http://www.w3.org/DesignIssues/UI.html . <blockquote> "But the worst, the truly worst part, was cut 'n paste." <address>"Penguin2Apple: How a Linux Lover turned to a Macintosh":http://www.gamerspress.com/article.php?sid=1709 Posted on Saturday, March 09 @ 10:49:02 EST by Dark Paladin</address> </blockquote> <hr />**13Sep2004**: Since I will have only my laptop when I travel this week, I tried using it exclusively for PerfectOffice work; I hooked it up to my FlatPanelDisplay and USB keyboard/mouse. It fails to support the following idioms... * WindowPerTask (this pattern goes back to the SmallTalk-80 days, I believe). When I switch windows, I want to do so based on the content of the window, not the application displaying it. The Doc shows Camino vs iPhoto, but I have about 15 Camino windows. I organize my world around my (web-based) calendar/todo service. I start a new window for each telelconference and each todo item. I use tabbed browsing within that window. It's sort of a pain that email is in a separate window. That's another idiom that OS X fails to support: * view mail "to or cc foo". When I prepare for the foo teleconference, I bring up my inbox in DebianPackage:evolution and search for "to or cc foo". The search results show up in-place; I can ctrl-t to switch back and forth between threaded and unthreaded. Mail.app can switch, but it's klunky; there's no keyboard shortcut and you have to explicitly "expand all threads". Other wierdness: the key marked apple/cloverleaf on this USB keyboard doesn't act like the command key from the Apple HIG (@@link); rather they key marked alt/option/windows-start does. What's up with that? Having to think each time I cut/copy/paste sucks. The whole point of the apple experience is SuspensionOfDisbelief. Some peers noted I could run evolution under X11 to address some of the issues above, but that brings us back to emulator hell, the antithesis of SuspensionOfDisbelief. And to top it off, when I started this blarticle, I looked at the upper right corner of the screen, out of habit, to get today's date. OS X shows me the time, but I have to click to see the date. <hr />**14Aug2004**: SonyVaioJammer went KerFlewey, so went shopping for a new laptop. Hmm... <a href="http://www.apple.com/powerbook/index15.html">15-inch PowerBook</a> Combo-drive 1.33 Ghz/256MB/60GB looks tasty. $1799 with educational discount. Probably want to add some 3rd party RAM to that. ... yup... PbJam. <hr /> **20Feb2004**: On Wednesday, after Mary's <a href="http://www.endocrineweb.com/surthyroid.html">thyroid surgery</a>, I just had to listen to <a href="http://musicbrainz.org/track/a7008fe8-3534-45a7-8422-4ad5eaeca91e.html" title="Find this track at MusicBrainz">U2's Bad</a>, in bed, to wind down. I wanted it on SonyVaioJammer's disk (in .ogg format, preferably) so I could listen to it in bed. I tried grabbing it from a P2P network, only to discover that the gnutella and edonkey networks are really hard to find, if not gone altogether. Just as well, I suppose. I own a license to the song on CD, but it's not clear that gives me the right to download it from the net, and it's clear that it involved a lot of people downloading songs they had no rights to. (hmm... see also: <a href="http://esw.w3.org/topic/DigitalRightsDescription">DigitalRightsDescription</a>). I flipped thru our roadtrip CD binder, concluded it wasn't there, searched the whole house, found the Unforgettable Fire CD jewel case, and finally looked in the CD binder again and found it. Then I looked for a debian package for ripping CDs. I considered DebianPackage:gtoaster, but couldn't get that working right away and used DebianPackage:jack in stead. Finally, I scp'd the .ogg from DirkMachine to SonyVaioJammer, settled down in bed, and unwound. Now I have this bunch of U2 CDs on my desk. I wonder about ripping them before I put them away. You can't beat iTunes for ease of use, and I recently found an <a href="http://www.audiocoding.com/">open source AAC decoder</a> that works (though it's too bleeding edge for a debian package yet). And Mary's new iPod mini doesn't grok ogg. But... hmm... **31Dec2001**: nope; I'm building my perfect office on a debian box: DirkMachine. Ooops... BuyersRemorse... maybe I should have waited... "New iMac sports flat-panel display":http://news.cnet.com/news/0-1006-200-8392837.html?tag=lh **25Mar2002**: yep; MaJoStudio has an iMac now. Dan is a StudentOfMacOsX now. <hr />**7Jan2004** <a href="http://philebus.tamu.edu/pipermail/scl/2004-January/000670.html">iSight and SubEthaEdit</a> from Chris Menzel to SCL... nifty RemotePresence tools, but they don't interoperate with the open source world; DebianLinuxJustWorks doesn't apply. <hr /> In July 2001, my desktop machine was 5 years old, and I had permission to spend around $1500 to replace it. Sandro got a screamin linux box for $700. A gigabyte of ram. I'm having trouble finding an engineering-class Mac for less than $1600. KendallClark is <a href="http://wmf.editthispage.com/discuss/msgReader$6526?mode=topic">considering the same thing</a>. AaronSw: Hmm... "mac.price.com":http://mac.price.com/ seems to have "some reasonable models":http://mac.price.com/drill.htm?epg=2918&tci=2914 including "a $1260 G4":http://mac.price.com/prices.htm?epg=2918&id=-2146387247 the #openmac folks pointed me at "dealmac":http://dealmac.com/?sess=85e3d86d0d5914c470dcc3172b492570 and "an iMac for $500":http://dealmac.com/articles/28356.html "cheap iMac RAM":http://www.ramseeker.com/flatimac512.shtml <hr /> cf "nice fonts in linux":http://impressive.net/archives/fogo/20011121014241.GA16942@larve.net from fogo also "some FDU thing":http://www.neko.it/tvlug/HOWTO/mini/FDU.html and "some KDE thing":http://dot.kde.org/989808269/ for pretty fonts, says reagle. also: "for AA":http://www.linuxplanet.com/linuxplanet/tutorials/3093/3/ "Sub-Pixel Font Positioning on UNIX mini-HOWTO":http://jmason.org/howto/subpixel.html discovered 24Jan2002. Last mod: Nov 28 2001 jm DanC: last time I invested in good fonts, my web browser scrolling slowed down about 3x DanC: but that was on shoal, my 5 year old, 200mhz machine reagle-ho: I have beatiful fonts and no problems, even on my 266 mhz machine <hr /> 11Nov2002: HFSOnLinux 23Nov2002: KidsMac **28Apr2003**: more font stuff with Liam and jr and cl. <a href="http://developers.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=03/04/13/0253224&mode=thread">slashdot 12apr on xwin.org</a>, <a href="http://www.holoweb.net/~liam/fonts/">liam's font stuff</a>, <a href="http://xwin.org/">xwin.org</a>, <a href="http://xwin.org/users.php?mode=profile&uid=4">keithp</a>.