The PerfectOffice supports remote presence: voice, text, video, ... I spend a lot of time in teleconferences, and I've tried a lot of gizmos and services in an effort to make that part of my life easier. I currently use: * "Vonage": VoIP service with a Cisco ATA 186 * Uniden TRUc56 2.4 GHz Phone. UPACode 050633201190 <a href="">amazon wants $50</a> (headset flaked out today, **7Jan2004**) * a <a href="">Plantronics M110</a>. UPACode 017229053205. I'm pretty happy with it. It has 3 volume settings for the microphone. I got mine at <a href="">Micro Center</a> for $19.99+tax, but I don't see it in their online catalog. But I do see <a href="">Plantronics Headset M110 for Mobile & Cordless Phones</a> for $12.99 at amazon. * sometimes a TelAgentModem. (see OPKSNet for diagram and such) I also make extensive use of ESemWeb:InternetRelayChat, sometimes as a supplement to phone calls. I use: * DebianPackage:xchat and sometimes DebianPackage:gaim (and "fire": as a StudentOfMacOsX) and (@@) from my WearableGizmo. xchat RFE: drag log files to email. (<a href="">12 sep</a>) I'd sure like to add VideoPresence to the mix. <hr /> <a href="">New Phone Uses WLAN or Cel Networks</a> <hr /> **12Apr2004**: picked up a Uniden TRUc56 2.4 GHz Phone at SAM's for $30. UPACode 050633201190 . advantagess: * mute button * integrated caller-id * amazingly small * 2-ear headset has great audio quality disadvantages: * belt-clip has to come off when you put it in the charging holster * doens't work without headset * no speaker-phone * 2-ear headset isn't as comfortable as the Plantronics M110 * near 802.11 in the spectrum. (I haven't seen any problems, but I've seen some reported.) older: a 900mhz phone@@ (replaced: 2.4GHz Call Waiting Caller ID Cordless Telephone; <a href="">BE-3850BK</a>. ~$40 at SAM's, 18Aug2002. UPACode: 075668838500. . <a href="">Amazon wants $50 for it</a>. <a href="">TT Systems</a> seems to have made it, then Bell Equipment SONECOR put their label on the front. No, it's actually made by phonemate. It has a NiMh battery) **6Jul2003**: tried out DebianPackage:psi, a jabber client. <a href="">gale</a>. <a href="">discussion in RDFIG</a>. **19Jun2003**: found a 900mhz cordless phone with a nice form factor at walgreens while picking up perscriptions for Justin (@@link to tonsilectomy photos). no caller id, but it's a speakerphone. **29Mar2003** sure enough, the el-cheapo headset on my 2.4ghz phone went bad. I replaced it with a <a href="">Plantronics M110</a>. **Mar 2003**: hmm... "FBI seeks Internet telephony surveillance": By Kevin Poulsen, SecurityFocus Mar 27 2003 1:11AM **Feb 2003**: "U.S. Endorses Merging Telephone, Internet Numbers": Thu Feb 13, 5:42 PM ET By Andy Sullivan, Reuters **7Jan2003** Hmm... "Vonage": looks nifty, provided AlwaysOnInternet is sufficiently reliable. **26Mar** I'm signed up and operational. See OPKSNet diagram for details. Can I dial using the network somehow? Well, dtmf dialing works, of course. Hmm... can I get caller-id from the Cisco ATA 186 somehow? Maybe by using POTS technology? **18Aug2002**: new 2.4ghz phone. I'm kinda worried about the reliability of the headset, though; it's got one of those little connectors that went bad on my <a href="">first phone</a>.</p> **Aug 2002**: That voipblaster@@ sure was cool; it almost worked. they're back. <a href="">refurb $30</a>. <a href="">slashdot story</a>. **Jun 2002**: trying to get gnomemeeting working thru my NAT firewall. "faq": suggests it's tricky. They suggest "RSIP": as an alternative to NAT. **Mar 2002**: ircle isn't OpenSource; "ShadowIRC": looks promising... pretty much just using chatzilla any more). **2001**: see "Teleconference Gizmo": from 1998, 2001. From connolly Thu Jan 6 16:00:34 +0000 2005 From: connolly Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2005 16:00:34 +0000 Subject: investigated jabber, client side Message-ID: <> notes on psi etc. to come also investigating a jabber service on