These folks are friends of mine at least in part because they share my passion for sharing knowledge thru the web: ''hmm... better name... OldFriends? no, not quite the same... is BlogRoll the community name for this?'' * Craig C <a href="">his one-man band</a> and such * Dave Beckett: @@RDF resource guide, <a href="">semantic web blogs</a> e.g. <a href="">libby's</a> * Gerald: "": , "FoGO": * Rohit: "FoRK": * Ian: "purple crayon": "ian jacobs": IanJacobs * Hugo: "": * Aaron: "a whole pile of web sites": * Eric M: "potlach": * Mark N: "mnot": * Mark G.: "webtechs": , "markgaither": * Tim Bray: "ongoing": * Joe Reagle: "goatee": * "Sandro's Journal": * <a href="">Edd's blog</a> * <a href="">Norm Walsh's blog</a> * <a href="">James Tauber's Blog</a> ToDo: export these data as FoafRDF. hmmm... <a href="">bloglines</a> From connolly Thu Dec 30 09:24:11 +0000 2004 From: connolly Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 09:24:11 +0000 Subject: blogroll Message-ID: <> opened a zillion tabs tonight, going breadth-first thru blogs. Considered "subscribing" somehow, but I've never found an RSS reader that I'd prefer to <a href="">planetrdf</a> and the like (why don't RSS readers sort by date?!!?) But a <a href=""> blogroll</a> is quick-n-dirty.