Merry Christmas from the Connollys: Dan, Mary, Brennan (13), Kyle(8), and Justin(11). <a href=""> <img src="" alt="Christmas card photo of the boys" /> </a> See also: * <a href="">Free Culture: Why buy the Amazon Kindle when you can give and get an OLPC XO-1 for the same price?</a> * <a href="">One laptop per Kyle</a> If you're feeling like a patron of the arts, inspired by articles like those or topics such as ShareLifeThruArt and ThreeChordsAndTheTruth, you can use <a href="">paypal</a> to contribute to financial freedom that keeps the creative juices flowing. The account is <hr /> <a href="">Dan and Mary's amazon wish list</a> is much more difficult to link to than it should be. I wonder how much Amazon is losing over that bug? <hr /> I like to review my personal correspondence for the year as I send out cards. * review iPhoto archive; tag photos; choose the best; publish * review dm93 historical index * review family tree (see HonorTheFamilyName) I once thought I could eliminate manual maintenance of an addressbook and just use views of past communications. It kinda works for email, but I'm pretty content keeping the addressbook in my WearableGizmo as a manually maintained peer. (see also: ESemWeb:DeltaView) <hr /> These services that claim to keep your addressbook up to date... and spam all your peers... do they work?) <hr />**15Feb2004**: found <a href="">GRAMPS</a> in gnome footnotes... and yes, there's a DebianPackage:gramps. It seems quite nice... hmm... file format is *almost* RDF. <hr />**Dec2003** Family tree update worked prett well: <a href="">dm93fam.png</a> <a href=""></a> <a href="">dm93fam.svg</a> see HonorTheFamilyName hmmm... spreadsheet? bulk export of WearableGizmo addressbook? hmm... I like year-in-review letters, esp the ones my Dad writes. But Christmas is getting close and I don't want the perfect to get in the way of the good. I also like letters with selected photos. Our iPhoto collection is too intimidating. I got it down to 6 pages of pictures (@@xmas 2003 album export?) but there's not much bang-for-the-buck there. <a href="">Christmas letter draft in email.</a> Mark S... <a href="">soulscoring</a>. ShareLifeThruArt. <a href="">'82 classmates</a> from <a href="">St. Ann's</a> (interesting... <a href="">Prairie Village</a> web site) print addressbook in label form hmm... phone numbers and email addresses? they're most useful in a user agent where they're used; e.g. in evolution and in my cellphone. But RedundancyInAllCriticalSystems says a hardcopy is in order. Or is it enough to reconstruct my email addressbook from, say, my outgoing email? handy source of email addresses of personal contacts include birth announcements, e.g. message-log-1999-0833:<> Tue, 17 Aug 1999 02:38:40 -0500 \\ Kyle Patrick Connolly is Born. Of course, in the age of email, a Christmas card is a rare opportunity to send a message (such as a key fingerprint) thru a pretty secure channel. Hmm... <hr /><a href="">yahoo address book</a> (@@also: RDF export) <hr />**Dec2002** This year, the ritual reminds me of * Det, "Aspen '93": * Rost, <a href="">Miege</a> '86. I went to see if they keep the "Miege Matters" newsletter online, so I could throw away my paper copies (see also: <a href="">LOCKSS</a>, <a href="">my Nov 2002 notes on LOCKSS</a>). Not only do they not have the newsletter online, they use frames and javascript and stuff. They could clearly use some WebMasterClues. * Eric Ryan; unsent card from 2000 has his address on it. * <a href="">Michael K. Johnson</a> met him on 2001 Linux Lunacy geek cruise. I like <a href="">Jon Howell's faith statement</a> too... hmm... one for ScriptureNotes. <hr />**29 Dec 2001** <a href="">Christmas Cards, Address Books, and Maps</a>, in rdfig. @@script to do mailing labels from RDF; <a href="file:///home/connolly/dm93/2001/0110pim">0110pim</a> includes transcription of personal correspondence by post in 2001. <hr />**Dec1998**: <a href="file:///mnt/fruit0109/pan9912/pancake-home-9912/connolly/public_html/1998/9812post-xmas/log.html">correspondence log in HTML</a>, revision 1.1 1998/12/23 06:12:24; seems to be derived from <a href="file:///mnt/fruit0109/pan9912/pancake-home-9912/connolly/public_html/1998/9812post-xmas/9812xmas-post.xls">1998 post scpreadsheet</a>. <a href="file:///mnt/fruit0109/pan9912/pancake-home-9912/connolly/public_html/1998/9812post-xmas/post.xls">post log spreadsheet thru '97</a>. <a href="file:///mnt/fruit0109/pan9912/pancake-home-9912/connolly/public_html/1998/9812post-xmas/letter.html">year in review letter</a> <hr /><a href="">authentication notes</a> in research notebook. <hr /> circa 1990, in VolleyBallInDallas days: one-line-per-person text file. scribble on it, then key in the scribbles periodially. Hakon, do you still keep yours like that? <hr />circa 1988, in UTMac days: hypercard addressbook From connolly Mon Dec 20 17:13:49 +0000 2004 From: connolly Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 17:13:49 +0000 Subject: label printing revisited Message-ID: <> trying to remember how I figured out how to print labels. <pre> xmasLabels.rdf <a href="">$(SWAP)/pim/</a> $(PERL) $(SWAP)/pim/ xmasLabels.rdf >$@ xmasLabels.rdf: contactLabels.n3 contact.rdf $(PYTHON) $(SWAP)/ contact.rdf contactLabels.n3 --filter=contactLabels.n3 --data --rdf >$@ </pre> where contactLables.n3 maps from <a href="">danger vocab</a> to <a href="">usps.n3 vocab</a> ala: <pre> { ?WHO d:category [ is :targetCategory of :report ]; d:first_name ?FN; d:last_name ?LN; d:addresses [ r:first [ d:street ?STREET; d:city ?CITY_N; d:state ?ST; d:zip ?ZIP_CODE; ] ]. (?FN " " ?LN) str:concatenation ?N. } log:implies { [ a p:MailPiece; p:recipientName ?N; #@@@ p:at [ a p:MailingLocation; p:deliveryAddress ?STREET; g:inRegion [ p:cityName ?CITY_N; g:inRegion [ p:stateAbbr ?ST; ] ]; p:zipCode ?ZIP_CODE ]; ]. }. </pre> From connolly Mon Dec 20 17:21:59 +0000 2004 From: connolly Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 17:21:59 +0000 Subject: label printing revisited Message-ID: <> In-Reply-To: <> of course, that was for JobiePrinter. I'm using PescoPrinter now. From connolly Sat Jan 7 00:09:21 +0000 2006 From: connolly Date: Sat, 07 Jan 2006 00:09:21 +0000 Subject: ToDo: obsolete usps schema by vcard Message-ID: <> with the hCard microformat and norm'w work on vcard/RDF, it's time to obsolete my usps schema