For most folks, RecentChanges and FrontPage are likely to be more useful; this is mostly administrative stuff for the maintainer... *converting episodes (newest 1st) to comments (newest last)...* **25Mar2004**: I'd really like something like the ESemWeb:WikiMarklet. ToDo. Meanwhile, I stick them in ESemWeb:DanConnolly **Jan2004**: I'd really like a preview feature like MoinMoin. In fact, I'm a bit disenchanted with the "one big file" aspect of Zope. I'm too hooked to switch just now, but sufficiently disenchanted that I don't upload pictures as freely as I used to. **12Dec2003**: need to rotate my logs. (see msg from ted Fri, 12 Dec 2003 17:05:25 -0500) I wonder if DebianPackage:zope-wiki is smart about that. **Aug2003**: server hardware outage. Switched to <a href="">ZoneEdit</a> for DNS service. Hmm... where to keep notes about <a href="">Gandi</a>, the registrar I chose for InternetRealEstate? 11Sep2002: I think I'd like to try this <a href="">ZSyncer</a> thing. tried it (~Nov 2002). not impressed. Master/slave, not peer/peer. Not sure it handles all cases. Hmm... 26Jan2001... how about an online version of the PileOfOwnersManuals? On 23 Nov 2001, I upgraded to zope 2.4 and installed this ZWiki product. (see WikiWikiWeb:DanConnolly for history of DanC and Wiki stuff). I got critical clues from "Installing and Upgrading Zope 2.X": and from the friendly folks in "#zope":irc:// on "Open Projects": . I'm noodling on what the write access policy is; I changed it so that authenticated users can write (I think). ZopeTweaks: I changed the ZWiki search box to use GET (why the heck did they use POST? "overuse of POST is evil": ). For my reference, let's keep the "management thingy":manage handy. Hmm... I kinda like this wiki; I have an older wiki that I'd like to import; let's call it FebShoalWiki. And let's pick up the ManagingExpectations idea there... See also: "geek cruise wiki":../y2001/gk2001/FrontPage . From connolly Day Jul 30 00:00:00 +0000 2004 From: connolly Date: 30 Jul 2004 00:00:00 +0000 Subject: bliki wish and design sketch Message-ID: <> I want a <a href="">bliki</a>. Hmm... maybe it's just a matter of hacking the code behind RecentChanges. *design sketch*: each topic in the wiki gets a "most recent episode" date and text fields, as well as a last modified field, based on the **DDmmmYYYY** tags and/or **yyyy-mm-dd** tags. Then I'd make a WebLog node ala RecentChanges out of them. From connolly Day Aug 2 00:00:00 +0000 2004 From: connolly Date: 2 Aug 2004 00:00:00 +0000 Subject: logs and DB getting out of control Message-ID: <> I told ted ages ago that I'd upgrade to the debian packages for zope, hoping they'd manage the logs. Hmm... ZopeWiki:ZopeOnDebian How big is my zope database? <pre> 314714855 Aug 2 16:20 Data.fs 89953210 Aug 2 16:22 Z2.log 478M </pre> From connolly Day Sep 29 00:00:00 +0000 2004 From: connolly Date: 29 Nov 2004 00:00:00 +0000 Subject: upgraded to ZWiki-0.34.0 Message-ID: <> upgraded <a href="">zwiki</a> to ZWiki-0.34.0.tgz It was a bit bumpy. Thanks, sm, for the help in #zope! is now on flanders, the new I'm using the debian zope package, so my logs are now under control. Hmm... there's a zope2.7 package that uses modern python... From connolly Fri Nov 6 00:00:00 +0000 2004 From: connolly Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2004 00:00:00 +0000 Subject: unborked LocalFS Message-ID: <> Finally restored all my LocalFS-based pictures and such to health. Used <a href="">LocalFS-1.3-andreas.tar.gz</a>, thanks to some folks in #zope. Upgraded to DebianPackage:zope2.7 while I was at it. From connolly Tue Nov 9 04:27:25 +0000 2004 From: connolly Date: Tue, 09 Nov 2004 04:27:25 +0000 Subject: RFE: email updates Message-ID: <> ToDo: ZopeWiki RFE: email updates. Hmm... Generic form update by email service? My WearableGizmo, like many platforms, knows that ESemWeb:IntegrityIsJobOne when it comes to composing mail; pending edits survive reboots and such? but I doubt pending form submissions do. (from a 2Jan2002 entry in ScriptureNotes) From connolly Mon Feb 21 15:57:54 +0000 2005 From: connolly Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005 15:57:54 +0000 Subject: testing Monkey Journal Message-ID: <> <p>So Norm is <a href="">Joining the Folksonomy Fray</a> with <a href="">RelTag.</a> Yay! typed links finally hit the mainstream! So I'm thinking upgrading<a href="">my</a> wiki to grok all this structured collaboration goodness going on..</p> <p>Testing <a href="">Monkey Journal</a> ... ooh! it does The Right Thing with links dragged from firefox! e.g.</p><p>hmm... how about excerpting...</p> <blockquote> Monkey Journal has category support built into the interface <address><div align="right"><i><a href="">Monkey Journal</a></i></div> <p></address></blockquote> <p>hmm... tolerable.</p> <p>spell-checking is nice...</p> <p>I wonder if it knows that <a href="">IntegrityIsJobOne.</a></p> <p>hmm... can I view source while editing somehow?</p> <p>Can't seem to follow links while editing.</p> <p>Heh... Preferences is misspelled in the menu. </p> From connolly Wed Mar 23 03:19:01 +0000 2005 From: connolly Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 03:19:01 +0000 Subject: restoring google ads Message-ID: <> hmm... can't figure out where the "truth" for the page templates is... maybe the content is cached... adding a comment should flush the cache, I'd think... From connolly Wed Jun 8 05:07:01 +0000 2005 From: connolly Date: Wed, 08 Jun 2005 05:07:01 +0000 Subject: toward episodic publishing Message-ID: <> I think what I write is more in the blog genre than the wiki genre; I don't actually collaboratively work toward conventional wisdom; I just jot down 1st-person thoughts. Thinking about how to migrate my content to the modern idioms (RSS, comments, trackback, tags, etc.) I re-discover my <a href="">experiment with Zope templates</a> of 2005-01-01 00:33.