Aspen Motherlode, Labor Day 2000

The Motherlode Volleyball Classic is an annual favorite of mine since the early '90s. My last trip, in '97, was a guy thing. But this time, my parents offered to take care of the boys, so Mary and I got to take a vacation together.

It took a bit of determination. Early in the summer, several friends showed interest in coming with us. But for one reason or another, most of them bailed. Then, just a few days before we were to leave, the car leaked gas all over, and the repair required a part that wouldn't be available in time for our trip. So we rented a car just for the trip. What the heck.

We took off Thursday evening and drove about 6 hours (387.4mi, to be exact) and stopped in Colby, KS for the night. ("Born just south of Colby Kansas..." -- Matthew, by John Denver). The Welk-um Inn provided a room at a reasonable rate.

We made it to Denver by lunch time the next day, Leadville by early evening (Hooray for books on tape!), and arrived in Aspen just after 6pm. We took a stroll around to orient ourselves, and settled on The Grotto for an excellent dinner.

Saturday morning, after a remarkable continental breakfast at the Innsbruck Inn I went to the tournament registration area to see if I could pick up a partner. I was fortunate enough to run into Hal Taylor, recently from Denver but originally from the Kansas City area.

I ran into Chris and Meredith, friends from Austin, shortly after. Meredith's partner had a friend, Beverly, who was sort of looking for a partner. So I hooked her up with Mary.

Hal and I played pretty well together. We won two games before dropping into the loser's bracket.

Our fans included Hal's girlfriend Brenda and Sundance, her dog.

Mary and Beverly played just one game on Saturday.

Saturday evening, we went out with Hal and Brenda to the Bently.

Hal and I won another two games on Sunday before we were eliminated. I think we went down in the round of 32, with close to 100 teams in our division to start with. Not bad for a couple guys who just met on Saturday.

I was so sore after three more games on Sunday that I could barely walk. But after a dip in the hottub, I was able to go hiking with Mary.

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These pictures (aside from the top one) were taken with a little single-use camera and then scanned with my Umax Astra 1200s with xsane.

Dan Connolly
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