Justin Daniel Connolly is Born

My wife Mary and I are the proud parents of another beautiful baby boy.

Justin Daniel Connolly was born Wednesday, April 10, at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, MA.

Just In Time

He was due April 1. So we were plenty anxious for him to arrive by the evening of Tuesday the 9th. Our first child, Brennan, was late too -- labor was induced almost two weeks after the due date.

Mary was scheduled to be induced this time on Thursday. So she subdued her excitement when she began to feel something Tuesday evening. She thought it was the candy bar she'd eaten earlier coming back to talk to her.

And even though it was clear by 11:30pm that she was in labor, we were in no hurry: we'd heard so many times how young, anxious couples rushed to the hospital only to be sent home, shagrinned, to wait until the labor was more advanced.

But we called the doctor anyway, just to give them fair warning. We'd heard that the labor nurses appreciate that. The doctor said sure, we ought to come in and let the doctor have a look.

So at about 1am, we called our good friends Bruce and Cindy to come over and stay with Brennan while we went to the hospital. Bruce sprang from his with excitement! Well, actually ... :-)

Just then, Mary's labor came on sudden and strong. "What time was it when you called them?" she asked as she paced and groaned.

Meanwhile, the snowstorm outside was intesifying. I went out to shovel the walk a bit.

Then Bruce and Cindy arrived. Bruce stayed with Brennan, while I drove Mary to the hospital, with Cindy along for moral support.

"Just run the lights, OK?" Mary pleaded in earnest as I navigated the prepared route -- this time with several inches of snow on the ground.

Just after 2am, we got to the labor room, with Mary in the middle of a contraction. Off came the civilian clothes, and on went the hospital garb. One quick check by the doctor, and "OK, Mary: you're fully dialated. You can start pushing."

What? Pushing? I haven't had time to set up the video camera! What about the epidural? You mean she's going to have to do this without drugs? I thought to myself as the labor nurse prepared Mary for the next contraction. I kept my fears to myself, though.

"OK, Dad, when the time comes, you check the clock and tell me what you see." "2:22am" I said, in total amazement, as they lay our son on his mother's chest.

We had been discussing names throughout the pregnancy, but we had expected to have a little more time to actually decide on one. "Wow, we got here just in time. Hey: what about Justin?" I asked. "Yeah... Justin Daniel has a nice ring," Mary added. And it stuck.


Justin Daniel Connolly
2:22am April 10, 1996
7lb 13.5oz

Mother and Baby are Well

After a couple days rest and relaxation at the hospital, we came home for the weekend.

I'm back to work today (Monday), and Mary is having her first experience of being outnumbered by her dependants at home. If you feel like sending her a note, her Internet mail address is maryc@beach.w3.org.

Daniel W. Connolly
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