Brennan at Age One

Brennan is walking and thinking about talking these days. During a recent trip to Austin TX, Mary captured a woderful photo of him. Have a look!

Brennan Walter Connolly is Born

My wife Mary and I are the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy.

Brennan Walter Connolly was born at 6:11pm, Monday, October 31, at St. David's Hospital in Austin, TX.

There were indications all along that this was a healthy, large baby. Mary was a little nervous about bearing such a large child, but when the time came, her enthusiasm, with a little coaching from me and a little help from medical science, overcame all that. We made a great team in the delivery room.

But everyone -- Dr. Seeker included -- was surprised at how large the child actually was at birth. The scale read 10 pounds even! (Hmm... for the international audience, that's approximately 4.5 kilograms!)

After ten months of hearing and reading about newborn babies, I had expected a tiny, feeble creature to emerge from the womb. On the other hand, at only nine days overdue, Brennan looked like he was ready to get up and walk home on his own!

Mother and child are doing great. The three of us spent the last two nights resting and recuperating in the tender loving care of the wonderful nurses at St. David's. Mary was understandably a little dizzy and weak Monday evening, and Dr. Seeker convinced the insurance company to cover us for another day. Tonight we will be at home together as a family for the first time.

All in all, I can't imagine how it could have gone better.

Daniel W. Connolly
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