Rams Soccer Game 1

Some photos (by James Kingham, Jordan's Dad) from the first Rams soccer game, 11 September 1999.

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Tyler, Eli, and Cole advance the ball.

Eli kicks off, with Cole on his right flank and Tyler on his left.

Cole (#3) and Tyler (#5) race back to defend against the attack.

Eli advances toward the goal, with the support of Cole and Tyler... He shoots... he scores!

The parents and fans cheer on the Rams.

Brennan scores!

Coach Dan watches Brennan and Jordan execute his master plan.

Drew, Jordan, and Brennan prepare to defend against the kick-off.

Drew and the team race thru the tunnel.


Photos taken with a Sony MVC-FD81 Macavia digital camera. Thumbnails produced using ImageMagic.

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photos by by James Kingham, Jordan's Dad
editing, captions, etc. by Dan Connolly,
coach of the Rams
23 Sep 1999