Kyle Patrick Connolly is Born

18 Aug 1999


2:46pm Central Daylight Time

A Few Moments Captured

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The night before: the boys rub mommy's big tummy for the last time.

Grandma Lorraine is here to help with Brennan and Justin.

Mary, in the delivery room, filling out admissions paperwork.

She did it!

Kyle is a little purple at first, but ...

His color improves in a few minutes. Ain't he cute?

Mother and child together at last.

Kyle gets the gunk cleaned out of his throat, and he's none too happy about it!

baby's heart monitor, mom's contraction monitor

Later that evening, big brother Brennan meets littlest brother Kyle.

Dad and Kyle.

Grandma Lorraine and Kyle.

Brennan and Justin play with their gifts "from Kyle."

Justin is a big brother too, now!

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Dan Connolly
16 Aug 1999