Brennan's First Soccer Game

September 1998. New York.

I had business in Boston in September, and Mary and the boys came along to visit Mary's sister Deb and her family in New York, and to generally get away from the sweltering Texas summer and enjoy Fall in New England.

Brennan and Justin had a fine time with cousins Anna and Willa all weekend. On Sunday, Anna had a soccer game. On the way from the parking lot, we were trying to explain to Brennan that Anna was going to play in the game on the blue team, and the rest of us were going to watch.

Brennan wasn't having any of it. He's not impressed with our explanations that it's a league for four- and five-year-olds while he's only three, nor that these teams have practiced together.

"Er.. umm... you're on the white team, Brennan." We'd play on the sidelines in our white t-shirts... or something.

As game time drew closer, we discovered the opposing red team was short players. "Brennan's available," I said half-heartedly. I didn't really have the gumption to tell the red coach. But Storm, Anna's Dad, did.

And soon, Brennan was suited up, and the game began...

Brennan takes the field.
The game begins;
Brennan does not.
Brennan begins to get the hang of it.
Dad is so exited he could just about pop!
Brennan hustles behind his teammate, #8.
Brennan completes the throw-in.
Mom snaps the photos like a Sports Illustrated photographer.
Brennan prepares for another throw-in.
"Throw it to me, Brennan," says Anna. And so he does.
Little does he realize she's on the other team!
Justin, shovel in hand, guards the pylon.
Another shot of J-man and the pylon. Ain't he cute?
They switch fields for the second half.
#8 continues to outmach Brennan and the others. Clearly a ringer.
Justin and cousin Willa "share" the ball.
Mom and Justin take a moment in the shade.
Dan tries not to upstage Justin and the inlaws: Deb, Storm, and Willa.
Half time.
Brennan takes the position of el portero for the second half.
Brennan gives Dad a high-five at the water break.
Storm finds Anna in the crowd.
Justin finishes his peanut-butter sandwich.
Brennan uses the frog method in goal.
Justin gets in the act.
The shot goes wide. Close call!
Brennan takes the goal kick and puts the ball in play.
and again.
The coach shakes Brennan's hand after the game.

"Is he on a team already? Is he available next week" the red coaches asked me after the game.

"Well, for one thing, he's only three. And for another, we live in Texas."

"Can he come up for weekends?"

"Thanks, but no," I said, bursting with pride, as I walked off the field with my boy.


The photos were taken with a traditional 35mm film camera. We had them scanned by Kodak as part of their premium processing option. The smaller images are Kodak Picture Disk images. The larger ones come via the Kodak Photo Network. We meant to do both rolls via the photo network; I'm not sure how we ended up with PictureDisks.

We just bought a digital camera, for Mary's budding ebay business. The resolution isn't near what you get from 35mm, but it's more convenient to put the results on the web. Stay tuned!

Mom and Dad
17 Oct 1998