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Boston: '95-'96

Just after we started to settle down in Austin, I got a golden opportunity to work at W3C/MIT in the Boston area.

Justin is Born 10 Apr 1996.

(Brennan and Justin Fish-boy)

See: '96 photo of me and my brothers.


545 Technology Square, ancestral home of the MIT Artifical Intelligence Laboratory, Project MAC, and the Laboratory for Computer Science.  Known to MIT nerds as NE43. 545 Technology Square: the cradle of computer science
If one is going to be work-obsessed, MIT is about the most supportive environment imaginable.

MIT/LCS Boston.com

The web isn't just my job. It's a big part of my life.

Learned to look at the Bible in a whole new way.

Bruce R. Lewis brlewis@mit.edu

@@tell story: NE folks aren't that bad... Barbosa gave me his home phone at papaginos March '95.

As of Dec 96, we're back in Austin.

Dan Connolly
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