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'90-'93: Dallas
Convex, volleyball
Mary, TimBL at Hypertext '91

Austin: '93-'95

wedding photo

First comes love, then comes marriage.... then comes Brennan in a baby carriage. And then Justin!

Atrium (now Dazel)

Bob Fabbio, Eric, ... life in a start-up.


Mark Gaither and I played guitar and drank beer a few times -- one of the few truly religious experiences in this life. We even went to a Jimmy Buffet concert together. We hacked up the HTML validation service in a couple days. He also runs a huge NFL football pool on the web.

I often suffer from hurry sickness (see: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance).

Detlev Rothe


I met these people virtually; the only time we see each other is at conferences and trade shows!

This guy understands this new medium we call the web.
Nick Arnett
"The web is a threat to advertising based media"
The Internet and the Anti-net Oct '1994 WWW4
(copy with comments)
Alan Richmond

Dan Connolly
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