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'86-'90: Austin, TX
B.S. in C.S. from U. T.

Dallas: '90-'93

He was working at Convex in Richardson Texas, a suburb of Dallas (is there a suburb motif here?), when he met Mary Ulrich at a party back in Austin...

Mary, on the other hand, grew up in Stillwater, MN -- you guessed it -- a suburb of St. Paul. She packed it in one icy winter for the warm southern air of Austin TX.

How did they meet? They were at a christmas party. Mary took one look at him from across the room, walked over, handed him a jello shot, and the rest is history.

Share Life Through Art (Feb '91)


Yellow belt in Martial Arts (tae kwon do) 4 May 1992.

Diploma in Super Sports Achievement from the Academy of Bungee Thrills 20 Aug 1992 (#1591).

See Convex Software Environments group photo.

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